Workshop Sign-Up

Are you ready to learn a new skill and discover the relaxing world of embroidery? Join us for a beginner-friendly workshop where you'll learn basic stitches and colour theory to create beautiful projects. Scroll down for tickets.

I believe embroidery is more than just a craft - it's a way to promote mindfulness and rest in your busy life. So come relax with us, and stitch away your worries!

By the end of the workshop, you'll feel confident in your new skills and ready to take on solo projects. Plus, you'll connect with other local embroidery enthusiasts in a fun and welcoming atmosphere.

I have two upcoming workshops in two different ends of the province! The next workshops will be taking place in Brantford on September 28th, and in Cochrane on October 21.

Don't miss an opportunity to join our community of embroidery lovers and create something beautiful together!