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Homebody Handmade

Embroidery Surprise Bags

Embroidery Surprise Bags

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Homebody Handmade surprise bags are a fun way to try a variety of new embroidery thread brands, textures and fibres!


In a creative slump? Looking for a fun little gift? Just love surprises? Grab a bag today and see what treasures are inside!


Each bag contains $15-$30 worth of embroidery supplies! And one lucky mystery bag in each launch has upwards of $50 of merchandise inside! Will you get that one?!


Here’s an idea of what you might* find in your surprise bag:

Any DMC Thread (6 Strand floss, Pearle Cotton, Tapestry Wool**, Etoile etc.)

Any Anchor Thread

Hand Dyed Threads from a variety of brands

Silk Threads**

Fabric Swatches


Pattern Codes

Stick and Stitch Patches


Ribbon and more!


*Not every possible item or brand will be found in each bag. This is a general list of the types of items you can expect in your bag.

** VEGAN BAGS are available for purchase as well!
I understand that not everyone is comfortable purchasing an item that may contain animal byproducts inside. With that in mind, I have created an option to specify for a vegan bag.
These surprise bags WILL NOT include Tapestry Wool, Alpaca Thread or Silks and will be marked with a heart sticker upon packaging so as not to get mixed up with general bags.


To use Stick and Stitch Patches:
If found in your bag, peel design from backing, stick to desired fabric (a few anchoring stitches might be helpful but are not necessary), stitch your design, when finished, rinse off excess sticker in a warm bowl of water and allow to dry.


Surprise yourself or a stitchy friend with a bundle of creativity and if you tag me in a photo showing off what you made with threads from your bundle, you’ll recieve -10% your next mystery bag!


Let’s Connect!

Feel free to follow me on instagram - I hang out there most often and I love talking all things embroidery.


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