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Homebody Handmade

Homebody Sticker

Homebody Sticker

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The Homebody Sticker – a charming and versatile accessory to add a touch of personality and style to your belongings. Crafted with care, this waterproof and scratch-resistant sticker is made from durable permanent, printed vinyl, ensuring its longevity and visual appeal.

IMPORTANT SHIPPING NOTE: These stickers are shipped through lettermail. There is no way to track the item once it has shipped, and refunds can not be given due to lost or stolen mail. If you would like tracked shipping, email to get an estimate.

With its soft and muted colours, the Homebody Sticker features the word "Homebody" adorned with a delightful daisy pattern. The design exudes a soothing aesthetic, perfect for those who appreciate a gentle and understated look. Its low-profile vinyl construction sets it apart, offering a snag-resistant and peel-resistant experience unlike other stickers.

The Homebody Sticker is not limited by application. Its versatility knows no bounds as it can effortlessly enhance the look of various items. Decorate your laptops, water bottles, coolers, binders, and even car windows with this delightful sticker. Let your imagination roam and discover countless creative possibilities to showcase your unique style.

Measuring 4" x 1”, this sticker strikes the perfect balance between visibility and subtlety, ensuring it fits seamlessly on any surface. Its compact size also makes it an ideal gift for friends, family, or even yourself, serving as a delightful token of appreciation.

Supporting small Canadian shops has never been easier with the Homebody Sticker. Proudly designed and printed in Canada, this sticker embodies the spirit of local craftsmanship. By choosing this sticker, you not only add a charming touch to your belongings but also contribute to the thriving Canadian artisan community.

Complete your collection of Homebody Handmade stickers by exploring our other designs. With each unique sticker, you'll uncover new ways to express your individuality and surround yourself with delightful aesthetics.

Add a touch of charm to your world with the Homebody Sticker – a small yet captivating accessory that speaks volumes about your personal style and supports local Canadian artisans. Order yours today and discover the joy of self-expression.

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