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Stick and Stitch Pack | Hygge Holiday | Cozy Christmas DIY Embroidery Pattern Pack

Stick and Stitch Pack | Hygge Holiday | Cozy Christmas DIY Embroidery Pattern Pack

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This Christmas Stick and Stitch pack is perfect for beginners, seasoned pros and everyone in between!

Get creative with this bundle specifically designed to foster experimentation and imagination. These cute little Stick and Stitch designs are perfect for personalizing your favourite t-shirt, tote bag, hat etc. The possibilities are as endless as there is fabric in this world!

This pack is specifically sized to offer the opportunity to create your own set of Christmas ornaments if you'd like. To do this, simply frame your designs in 3 and 4 inch hoops with a loop of ribbon hanging from the fastener when you're finished stitching them!

- The Details -
What you get:
13 unique designs pre-printed on water soluble stabilizer
3 full skeins of DMC thread
1 needle

To use:

Peel design from backing, stick to desired fabric (a few anchoring stitches might be helpful but are not necessary), stitch your design, when finished, rinse off excess sticker in a warm bowl of water and allow to dry.

Customize gifts, dress up drab clothes, personalize your makeup bag with this adorable bundle! On the back of the packaging, there are a few suggested stitches, but feel free to get creative with how you interpret these designs. Fill them in completely, add different colours, play with different thicknesses of thread, stitch outlines only - whatever you think is best, and most of all, have fun!


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